Chiropractic Improves Performance
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 Spinal subluxations in horses may be caused by faults in conformation, stall confinement, poorly-fitted saddles, improper hoof care, and injuries.  Indications that your horse may need to be adjusted include:
  • Lameness, limping, or stumbling
  • Cross-canter or refusal to pick up lead
  • Loss of collection or bending at the poll
  • Bucking, raring, fighting the bit, or ear shyness
  • Dominant on one side or refusal to turn to one side
  • Pulls to one direction or difficulty executing tasks
  • Muscle spasm, atrophy, or imbalance
  • Uneven shoe wear or abnormal sweat patterns
  • Standing with hips uneven & head or tail tilt
  • Seems to have a "hitch in his gait"
  • Horse appears to be uncomfortable under saddle
  • Poor performance on the track, trail, or event
  • Avoids jumps, barrels, or other routine requests
  • Difficulty loading or prolonged trailering
  • Irritable, agitated, or change in personality